World leaders and press respond to Anthony Albanese’s election victory

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World leaders person congratulated Anthony Albanese connected his predetermination victory, portion erstwhile heads of authorities successful the Pacific person urged him to “make a extremist displacement towards beardown and urgent clime action”.

One French curate was hardly capable to conceal his glee astatine the Coalition’s loss, portion Fiji welcomed Labor’s “plan to enactment clime first”.

The UK premier minister, Boris Johnson, and Indian premier minister, Narendra Modi, were among the archetypal satellite leaders to respond to quality of the Morrison government’s electoral defeat.

Johnson pointed to the escaped commercialized statement and the Aukus concern arsenic the ground for an ongoing narration erstwhile helium tweeted his congratulations connected Sunday night.

Congratulations @AlboMP connected your predetermination arsenic Prime Minister of Australia.

I look guardant to moving with you arsenic we reap the rewards of our broad Free Trade Agreement, the AUKUS concern and the unmatched closeness betwixt the British and Australian people.


— Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) May 21, 2022

The Sun, a UK tabloid, said successful an editorial Australia had elected “anti-Queen near helping PM Anthony Albanese who tried to region monarch arsenic caput of state”.

“The 59-year-old had antecedently threatened to crumble the Commonwealth, sharing his tendency to get escaped of Her Majesty,” it said.

Modi tweeted his congratulations aft midnight successful Australia and highlighted his privation for the continuation of cardinal information agreements up of a gathering of the Quad connected Tuesday.

Congratulations @AlboMP for the triumph of the Australian Labor Party, and your predetermination arsenic the Prime Minister! I look guardant to moving towards further strengthening our Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, and for shared priorities successful the Indo-Pacific region.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) May 21, 2022

An editorial successful the Times of India, citing unnamed diplomatic sources, said it was excessively aboriginal to archer however Albanese’s predetermination mightiness power the narration with India, but speculated determination mightiness beryllium a “smoothening of Australia’s ties with China”.

“That’s 1 happening India, and so Quad, request to defender against adjacent though Albanese has publically said determination won’t beryllium immoderate alteration successful Australia’s China policy,” it said.

The outgoing French overseas affairs minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said the “defeat of Morrison suits maine precise well”.

Australia’s narration with France soured erstwhile the Coalition abandoned a submarine woody betwixt the 2 countries successful favour of a information pact with the US and the UK.

Le Drian added that the erstwhile PM’s handling of the submarine woody showed “brutality and cynicism, and I would adjacent beryllium tempted to accidental … unequivocal incompetence”.

Fiji’s premier minister, Frank Bainimarama, congratulated Albanese successful a tweet.

“Of your galore promises to enactment the Pacific, nary is much invited than your program to enactment the clime archetypal – our people’s shared aboriginal depends connected it.” He said his state looked guardant to hosting the caller Australian person soon.

Congratulations, @AlboMP! Of your galore promises to enactment the Pacific, nary is much invited than your program to enactment the clime archetypal –– our people's shared aboriginal depends connected it.

With Fiji’s borders open, we anticipation to big you soon!

— Frank Bainimarama (@FijiPM) May 22, 2022

Anote Tong, the erstwhile president of Kiribati and a starring clime campaigner, said: “It is nary concealed that I person been disappointed with the attitudes of the erstwhile Australian authorities towards the Pacific connected a fig of fronts, including clime change.”

“My anticipation is that we volition spot stronger and much urgent clime enactment from the incoming government, including a much ambitious emissions simplification target, ramped-up enactment for climate-vulnerable communities successful the Pacific and astir importantly, a committedness to nary caller ember and state projects successful Australia.”

Tong said that portion helium welcomed Albanese’s connection to big a COP acme successful conjunction with Pacific land nations “this cannot beryllium utilized to greenwash Australia’s inadequate clime policies”.

Enele Sopoaga, the erstwhile premier curate of Tuvalu, who clashed powerfully with Morrison astatine the past in-person Pacific Islands Forum successful 2019, said helium welcomed the incoming government.

“Time is moving retired connected clime alteration not lone for Small Island Developing States similar america successful the Pacific, but besides for Australia and the remainder of the world. Our security, unneurotic with our survival, is astatine peril,” helium said.

“I tin lone anticipation that this caller Australian authorities volition marque a extremist displacement towards beardown and urgent clime enactment and genuine enactment for the Pacific. This would see extremist caller Australian targets for emissions simplification nether the Paris Agreement, nary caller ember oregon gas, and an ongoing committedness to supporting Pacific Island nations arsenic we look the brunt of clime impacts.”

New Zealand’s premier minister, Jacinda Ardern, congratulated her caller Australian counterpart.

“I person nary uncertainty we’ll person a beardown moving narration that volition service some countries well,” Ardern said connected Sunday morning.

“Australia is our astir important spouse … and I judge our countries volition enactment adjacent much intimately unneurotic successful these tumultuous times.”

She besides acknowledged a “strong moving relationship” with outgoing person Morrison.

New Zealand and Australia, portion intimately allied, person had immoderate tense moments nether Morrison’s enactment – peculiarly implicit the Australian “501” argumentation of deporting residents with New Zealand citizenship connected atrocious quality oregon transgression grounds grounds, adjacent if they had lived their full lives successful Australia.

In 2020, Ardern lashed retired astatine Morrison astatine their yearly bilateral summit, saying the argumentation was “testing” the relationship betwixt the 2 nations, and Australia was deporting “your radical and your problems” utilizing “unfair” policies.

The New Zealand authorities has repeatedly pushed for a reconsideration of the policy, and volition astir apt beryllium hoping for question nether a caller government.

Also astatine the apical of New Zealand’s concerns is the wider information of the Indo-Pacific, and the increasing power of China successful the region.

New Zealand’s rhetoric connected China has typically been gentler than Australia’s, and the state has astatine times been accused by Australian commentators of being hamstrung by its important commercialized reliance connected China.