Travel Ban for Unvaccinated Canadians to Be Challenged in Court

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An advocacy radical is preparing a ineligible situation to the travel ban that sees unvaccinated Canadians incapable to committee planes, trains, and marine rider vessels.

“Preventing millions of Canadians from travelling by level oregon bid is simply a gross infringement of their civilian liberties, and is guaranteed to wounded their employment, businesses, and quality to provender their families,” Allison Pejovic, unit lawyer astatine the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom (JCCF), said successful a statement.

“Parliament has not been consulted astir this blatant usurpation of conception 6 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which provides that Canadians person the close to freely participate and permission the country,” she added.

The Conservative Party said it was opposed to the regularisation during the electoral run and was contacted to larn if it volition reason it successful Parliament, but we didn’t perceive backmost earlier publication.

The measure was announced successful aboriginal October and took effect connected Oct. 30, with a grace play until Nov. 30 for travellers to get afloat vaccinated.

Now each Canadian traveller connected plane, rail, oregon vessel (non-essential rider vessels connected voyages of 24 hours oregon more) indispensable beryllium vaccinated, adjacent if coming from overseas to sojourn oregon resettle. Some “very constricted exceptions” are successful spot for those with aesculapian exemptions oregon surviving successful distant communities.

The government states the measurement “helps bounds the hazard of spreading COVID-19 and helps forestall against aboriginal outbreaks.”

The JCCF says that “medical and technological grounds establishes” that the vaccines bash not forestall transmission, that some the  vaccinated and unvaccinated tin drawback and dispersed the microorganism equally, and that earthy immunity is arsenic effectual oregon much than the extortion offered by the vaccines.

The JCCF has presently different progressive cases challenging COVID-19 authorities measures, specified arsenic the vaccine mandate for national employees and the vaccine passport successful Ontario.

Pejovic says the prospects aren’t fantabulous fixed the existent ineligible clime surrounding COVID-19.

“The courts truthful acold person been reluctant to 2nd conjecture nationalist wellness officials oregon to uphold Canadians’ law rights and freedoms,” she told The Epoch Times via email.

“There has been important judicial deference to authorities during the pandemic, erstwhile Canadians person faced unprecedented violations of their civilian liberties, and experienced important intelligence harms,” she says.

But caller decisions successful U.S. national courts to artifact the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates could power Canadian courts, Pejovic says.

“These issues are caller and determination are fewer Canadian precedents to gully from successful considering the ineligible merits of vaccine mandates, truthful important U.S. decisions are hopefully going to person immoderate power connected Canadian courts,” she says.

Transport Canada was contacted for remark but did not respond earlier property time.

Noé Chartier


Noé Chartier is an Epoch Times newsman based successful Montreal.