Russia-Ukraine war: Zelenskiy says only diplomacy can end war; Polish president to address Ukraine parliament in Kyiv – live

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Summary and welcome

Hello and invited backmost to the Guardian’s unrecorded sum of the warfare successful Ukraine.

I’m Samantha Lock and I volition beryllium bringing you each the latest developments for the adjacent abbreviated portion until my colleagues successful London instrumentality the reins.

Here is everything you mightiness person missed:

  • Ukraine has suggested it is willing to resume talks with Russia. Speaking connected Saturday, Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskiy said that “discussions betwixt Ukraine and Russia volition undoubtedly instrumentality spot ... nether what format I don’t cognize … but the warfare volition beryllium bloody, determination volition beryllium warring and [it] volition lone definitively extremity done diplomacy.” “We privation everything back. And the Russian Federation doesn’t privation to instrumentality anything. That’s wherefore the ending volition beryllium astatine the negotiating table,” helium added.
  • However, Kyiv has ruled retired a ceasefire oregon concessions to Moscow. Zelenskiy advisor Mykhailo Podolyak said Kyiv would not judge immoderate woody with Russia that progressive ceding territory. He said making concessions would backfire connected Ukraine due to the fact that Russia would deed backmost harder aft immoderate interruption successful fighting. “The warfare volition not halt [after concessions]. It volition conscionable beryllium enactment connected intermission for immoderate time,” Podolyak, Ukraine’s pb negotiator, told Reuters connected Saturday. “They’ll commencement a caller offensive, adjacent much bloody and large-scale.”
  • Russia claims to person taken afloat power of the besieged metropolis of Mariupol. The past radical of Ukrainian soldiers holed up successful the smashed Azovstal alloy works person surrendered, Russia’s defence ministry said precocious connected Friday, marking an extremity to the three-month siege of the defenders’ past stronghold successful Mariupol. “Underground structures of Azovstal wherever militants were hiding are present nether afloat power of Russian equipped forces,” the ministry said successful a statement, adding that successful full 2,439 Ukrainian fighters person surrendered.
  • Moscow is considering giving up Ukraine fighters captured successful Mariupol for Viktor Medvedchuk, a detained state of Russian president Vladimir Putin. “We are going to survey the possibility,” said Leonid Slutsky, a elder subordinate of Russia’s negotiating squad connected Ukraine, speaking from the separatist metropolis of Donetsk successful south-eastern Ukraine, Russian authorities media bureau RIA Novosti reported.
  • Zelenskiy described the concern successful Donbas arsenic “extremely difficult” successful his latest nationalist address, adding that the Russian service is trying to onslaught Slovyansk and Severodonetsk, a frontline metropolis present astatine hazard of encirclement wherever 12 radical were killed and different 40 wounded by Russian shelling, determination politician Sergiy Gaiday said.
  • Polish President Andrzej Duda has arrived successful Ukraine to code Ukrainian parliament. Duda arrived successful Ukraine connected Saturday and volition beryllium the archetypal caput of a overseas authorities to present a code to Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada since the commencement of Russia’s invasion.
  • Russia banned 963 Americans, including president Joe Biden, from entering the country. The database besides includes the caput of state, Antony Blinken,US legislature bulk person Chuck Schumer, defence caput Lloyd Austin and CIA caput William Burns, are mostly symbolic.
  • Biden signed a backing bill that volition supply astir $40bn (£32bn) successful assistance to Ukraine.
  • Zelenskiy met Portugal’s premier minister, António Costa, and described the gathering arsenic “important and meaningful”. Portugal aboriginal announced an statement to supply €250m ($264m) successful fiscal assistance to Ukraine.
  • The Ukraine president besides had a telephone speech with Italy’s premier minister, Mario Draghi, and said helium stressed the value of much sanctions connected Russia and unblocking Ukrainian ports.
  • Russia destroyed a Ukrainian special-operations basal adjacent Odesa, Ukraine’s main Black Sea port, arsenic good arsenic a important cache of western-supplied weapons successful bluish Zhytomyr region, Russia defence ministry spokesperson Igor Konashenkov said connected Saturday. There was nary confirmation from the Ukrainian side.
  • Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan, who has objected to Sweden and Finland joining Nato, held telephone calls with the leaders of the 2 countries connected Saturday and discussed his concerns astir violent organisations. Turkey amazed its Nato allies past week by objecting to the 2 countries’ accession to the subject alliance, but occidental leaders person expressed assurance that Ankara’s objections volition not beryllium a roadblock for the rank process.
  • Russia’s authorities state company, Gazprom, halted state exports to Finland, which refused Moscow’s demands to wage successful roubles for Russian state aft occidental countries imposed sanctions implicit the invasion. Gasum, Finland’s state-owned vigor company, said it would usage different sources, specified arsenic the Balticconnector pipeline, which links Finland to chap EU subordinate Estonia.
  • Canada has imposed sanctions connected the Russian-born billionaire and paper proprietor Alexander Lebedev. The erstwhile KGB cause is the proprietor of UK newspapers the Evening Standard and the Independent.
  • The satellite indispensable assistance Ukraine unblock seaports, different the vigor situation volition beryllium followed by a planetary nutrient crisis, Zelenskiy said. “Russia has blocked astir each ports and all, truthful to speak, maritime opportunities to export nutrient ... There volition beryllium a situation successful the world. The 2nd situation aft the vigor one, which was provoked by Russia. Now it volition make a nutrient crisis.” According to
  • A 2nd gathering of spouse countries is acceptable to instrumentality spot connected 23 May astatine Germany’s Ramstein Air Base. Zelenskiy said helium expects Ukraine volition beryllium provided with much weapons. “To beryllium honest, we person precocious expectations. I would telephone it a long-awaited process. We are grateful for the large subject enactment provided by assorted states. We expect a affirmative effect connected the proviso of MLRS,” helium said.

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A pistillate   and kid  locomotion  successful  a parkland  arsenic  Russian servicemen patrol the thoroughfare  successful  Skadovsk, Kherson.
A pistillate and kid locomotion successful a parkland arsenic Russian servicemen patrol the thoroughfare successful Skadovsk, Kherson. Photograph: Olga Maltseva/AFP/Getty Images