Powerful Tornado Strikes Texas, Severe Weather Warnings Issued

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Weather officials warned radical to instrumentality structure aft a almighty tornado touched down successful Northern Texas connected May 23, bringing with it hailstones and imaginable flash flooding.

“A precise unsafe ample tornado is connected the crushed northbound of Morton,” the National Weather Service said connected Monday alongside an representation of the ample tempest strategy which was captured by an onlooker and shared online. Morton is simply a metropolis successful Cochran County, Texas with a colonisation of 2,006.

The tempest has upwind gusts betwixt 60 to 70 mph, NWS said successful its hazardous upwind outlook. A tornado warning remains successful effect.

One tempest chaser successful Texas captured the tornado connected video and described it arsenic an “absolute monster.”

Officials urged radical to instrumentality screen instantly and determination to a basement oregon interior country connected the lowest level of a sturdy building.

“Avoid windows. If you are outdoors, successful a mobile home, oregon successful a vehicle, determination to the closest important structure and support yourself from flying debris. Heavy rainfall whitethorn fell this tornado. Do not hold to spot oregon perceive the tornado. TAKE COVER NOW!” NWS said.

A enactment of thunderstorms besides moved across Bailey, Parmer, and Castro County connected Monday, NWS of Lubbock, northwest Texas, said successful a tweet, while informing that the tempest strategy could bring hail up to fractional a dollar successful size.

Officials person said that terrible thunderstorms volition bring dense rainfall creating flash flooding successful immoderate areas of Texas, arsenic good as New Mexico and Oklahoma.

“Shower and thunderstorm chances volition proceed Tuesday,” officials said. “Some storms could beryllium beardown to terrible with locally dense rainfall besides imaginable crossed the Caprock and Rolling Plains.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has not yet declared a authorities of exigency and nary deaths person been reported.

The storms besides made their mode to the Chesnee, Springs, Boiling Springs country successful South Carolina, with Spartanburg County Emergency Management posting images of the harm near behind.

Those photos showed immoderate buildings had been wholly destroyed portion others had their roofs ripped off. Trees and powerfulness lines were besides impacted.

“We volition beryllium retired time conducting further assessments…a large occupation by each archetypal responder, nationalist works and truthful galore others who responded to this upwind event….at this time, we person not received immoderate reports of storm-related injuries oregon deaths,” Spartanburg County officials wrote connected Facebook.

Nearly 750 customers were without powerfulness soon aft the tempest moved through, according to section quality outlet WSPA.

Earlier this month, a bid of tornadoes caused large harm to parts of Oklahoma and Texas arsenic good arsenic terrible flooding.

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