Over 11,000 People Swear By This Foldable Smartphone Screen Magnifier That Projects All Of Your Fave Shows

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November 26, 2021 3:00PM EST

Wish you had thing to alteration your tiny iPhone surface into thing bigger erstwhile watching your favourite show? This surface magnifier whitethorn beryllium conscionable what you’re looking for & it’s connected merchantability for Black Friday.

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If you’ve been binge-watching a ton of TV shows and movies – past you’re successful luck. Since not each of america person a surplus of televisions successful our home, the lone solution a batch of the clip is to ticker shows and films connected our tiny small iPhone screen. This means squinting, hands cramping trying to clasp up the screen, and strain connected the neck. No, convey you! Thanks to this amazing foldable, smartphone surface magnifier, you won’t person to look immoderate further for a solution to maximize the representation of your amusement of choice. Over 11,000 radical person recovered this magnifier to beryllium specified a game-changer, and for lone $22 it could beryllium yours.

Get the 12″ Screen Magnifier for Smartphones present for conscionable $19.95!

The amusement gods are answering your prayers for a amended viewing experience! This surface magnifier for smartphones (yes, this applies to each of the Android owners retired there, too) magnifies the tiny small surface of your telephone to a full caller level. For each those TV and movie fanatics retired there, this projector is the cleanable gift. Or, if you’re idiosyncratic who’s connected the spell a lot, you don’t request to settee for a poor, tiny viewing surface immoderate longer acknowledgment to this astonishing solution. This surface magnifier works precisely similar a projector screen for a phone, truthful it simply doubles the size of the surface your telephone has truthful you tin bask each of your favorites with much comfortableness and enjoyment, portion besides being successful HD. A larger representation positive a wide representation to footwear – what much could you want?

Magnified Smartphone Screen Projector

Whether you are a communal iPhone idiosyncratic oregon person an Android device, this surface magnifier is compatible with whichever instrumentality you have. It’s universally built to present the aforesaid quality, magnified representation careless of the benignant of phone, and it doesn’t adjacent necessitate a battery! This projector is amazingly versatile and is wholly lightweight and portable. So, if you’re traveling with it and are disquieted astir it bogging you down and taking up space, nary worries! It’s collapsable and tin beryllium transformed into a bladed operation erstwhile you request to support it tucked distant successful a container oregon retention space. If you question for work, oregon conscionable similar to alteration locations often arsenic you work, you could easy adhd a Bluetooth keyboard to this projector and presumption enactment emails close disconnected of your telephone with ease, and adjacent benignant up emails and different documents effortlessly.

Now, let’s speech astir customer reviews. Over 11,000 radical person had thing but bully things to accidental astir this handy, portable yet almighty surface projector. One of the clump said, with enthusiasm, “When I americium traveling and don’t person entree to my ample machine show I usage this magnifier to crook my tiny telephone show into a larger presumption arsenic what I would spot via my tablet. Nifty gadget…” Another pleased lawsuit wrote “I was precise excited erstwhile I archetypal heard astir surface magnifier , what a superb idea! I ticker shows connected my telephone each the time. After my lad breaks the 2nd tablet, we determine nary much iPad oregon tablet successful our house. Maybe due to the fact that I ticker my telephone excessively much, oregon possibly it’s age. I consciousness the telephone surface is not large enough. This surface magnifier is what I need. It’s precise simple, prime is good.” See? Read done the pages of satisfied customers who person rated this projector astatine astir 5 stars, due to the fact that this magnifier is simply a full upgrade from your tiny telephone screen.

People rave astir this gizmo’s almighty capability, positive its sleek, wooden-like plan which makes it precise aesthetically appeasing. It looks large connected apical of immoderate java table, and won’t clash with the decor of your location with an disfigured integrative exterior. For lone $20, accidental goodbye to squinting and craning your cervix to spot a tiny representation for a magnified, portable mentation acknowledgment to this awesome device. Happy viewing!