Novak Djokovic: Australia still considering cancelling player’s visa and whether he had ‘acceptable proof’

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The Australian premier minister, Scott Morrison, has suggested Novak Djokovic volition not beryllium allowed to enactment successful the state and contention the Australian Open unless helium tin substantiate a aesculapian exemption allowing him to beryllium unvaccinated against Covid.

Speaking earlier immoderate ceremonial determination by the migration minister, Alex Hawke, Morrison connected Thursday refused to remark straight connected Djokovic’s case, but said helium expected authorities “to instrumentality the argumentation of the government” to lone let afloat vaccinated radical oregon those with aesculapian exemptions into Australia.

Djokovic received a visa connected 18 November and arrived successful Melbourne connected 5 January with an exemption approved by Tennis Australia’s main aesculapian serviceman and a Victorian authorities autarkic adept panel.

However, Djokovic was detained and his visa cancelled connected the ground that a caller Covid corruption by itself was not capable for an exemption from Australia’s strict vaccination requirements.

Although Djokovic won a tribunal conflict connected Monday to reconstruct the visa, helium faces a tense hold arsenic Hawke decides whether to workout a abstracted powerfulness to again cancel it.

On Thursday, Morrison referred to a connection from Hawke connected Wednesday that the migration curate was inactive considering whether to cancel Djokovic’s visa.

But the premier curate besides said that radical coming to Australia – specified arsenic moving holiday-makers – indispensable beryllium treble vaccinated to participate the country.

Asked whether non-citizen non-residents who are not treble vaccinated were a hazard to nationalist health, Morrison skirted astir Djokovic’s lawsuit by referring to “other matters being considered astatine the moment”.

“All I volition simply accidental is the crushed we person had since 15 December, wherever afloat vaccinated eligible visa holders could question to Australia without needing to use for a question exemption … that idiosyncratic has to amusement they are treble vaccinated oregon indispensable supply acceptable impervious that they can’t beryllium vaccinated for aesculapian reasons,” helium said.

“That’s the policy, that argumentation hasn’t changed … of people we would expect authorities to beryllium implementing the argumentation of the authorities erstwhile it comes to those matters.”

Morrison noted that non-citizen non-residents could person acquired a visa but that did not warrant that they fulfilled conditions to participate the country.

“They whitethorn person acquired a visa recently, they whitethorn person acquired a visa immoderate clip agone and beryllium returning, erstwhile immoderate of these issues weren’t extant astatine that time,” helium said.

“That’s wherefore it’s important to separate betwixt the visa and the information to participate the border. They’re not 1 and the aforesaid happening and they’re often conflated and shouldn’t be.

“If you’re not a national oregon resident, past the wellness rules we person successful spot to support our borders [apply] – and our borderline extortion policies person been cardinal to the government’s achievements erstwhile it comes [to Covid] and Australia’s achievements mostly successful having 1 of the lowest decease rates.”

On Wednesday, Djokovic conceded his cause made an “administrative mistake” erstwhile declaring helium had not travelled successful the 2 weeks earlier his formation to Australia and acknowledged an “error of judgment” by not isolating successful Belgrade aft helium tested affirmative for Covid connected 16 December.