LIVE UPDATES: Several Russian Generals Have Reportedly Been Killed, Ukrainian Regional Admin Says

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The latest connected the RussiaUkraine crisis, May 18. Click here for updates from May 17.

Several Russian Generals Have Reportedly Been Killed, Ukrainian Regional Admin Says

Ukrainian guerrilla fighters reportedly person killed respective high-ranking Russian officers successful the confederate metropolis of Melitopol, the determination medication said connected Telegram.

Russian forces person occupied the metropolis since aboriginal successful the war.

According to the determination administration, the occupiers are trying to conceal the concern but Russian troops were much actively checking backstage cars successful the metropolis Tuesday, astir apt looking for the guerrillas.

No details of the killings were fixed and the study could not instantly beryllium confirmed.

Throughout the war, the Ukrainians person claimed to person killed galore Russian generals and different officers. A fewer of the deaths person been confirmed by the Russians.


US Launches Program to Capture, Analyze Evidence of Russian War Crimes successful Ukraine

The U.S. State Department connected Tuesday announced the motorboat of a caller programme to seizure and analyse grounds of warfare crimes and different atrocities allegedly perpetrated by Russia successful Ukraine, arsenic Washington seeks to guarantee Moscow is held accountable for its actions.

The State Department successful a connection said the alleged Conflict Observatory volition encompass documentation, verification, and dissemination of open-source grounds of Russia’s actions successful Ukraine. Reports and analyses volition beryllium made disposable done the Conflict Observatory’s website.

U.S. President Joe Biden has hammered Russia implicit what helium calls “major warfare crimes” committed successful Ukraine, and has underscored his resoluteness to clasp Moscow accountable for launching the largest onshore warfare successful Europe since World War II.

The Kyiv authorities has accused Russia of atrocities and brutality against civilians during the penetration and said it has identified much than 10,000 imaginable warfare crimes.

Russia denies targeting civilians and says, without evidence, that signs of atrocities were staged.


McConnell Urges Biden Administration to Ensure Sustained Aid to Ukraine

U.S. Senate Republican person Mitch McConnell urged the Biden medication connected Tuesday to pb an effort to guarantee broad, sustained planetary enactment for Ukraine and said Washington should stay a reliable supplier of precocious weaponry for the besieged country.


Canada Introduces Bill to Ban Russia’s Putin and Others From Entering Country

Canada connected Tuesday introduced a measure successful the Senate that volition prohibition Russian President Vladimir Putin and immoderate 1,000 different members of his authorities and subject from entering the state arsenic it continues to ratchet up sanctions aft the penetration of Ukraine.

“Banning adjacent associates and cardinal supporters of Putin’s regime, including those liable for this unprovoked aggression, from entering our state is 1 of the galore ways successful which we’re holding Russia accountable for its crimes,” Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said successful a statement.

Canada has imposed a fig of sanctions against Russia, on with different Western allies, since Russia began what it calls a “special subject operation” successful Ukraine successful February.

Canada has sanctioned the Russian defence assemblage and hundreds of individuals and entities portion astatine the aforesaid clip sending weapons to Ukraine. Earlier this period during a travel to Kyiv, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised much weapons and equipment.

In effect to sanctions, Russia has banned Trudeau, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, and astir 600 different Canadians from entering the country.

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