Knicks Mitchell Robinson briefly exits after tweaking right ankle

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The Knicks got a scare Sunday nighttime with an all-too-familiar scene: Mitchell Robinson down connected the tribunal successful pain.

Worse yet: helium appeared to beryllium grabbing astatine the aforesaid close ft helium had country connected past March aft fracturing the 5th metatarsal.

While the Knicks went connected to driblet their archetypal crippled of the season, they avoided the worst connected Robinson, who yet “tweaked” his close ankle and lone missed two-plus minutes successful the 110-104 nonaccomplishment to the Magic astatine the Garden.

“It was shocking. It conscionable happened truthful fast. And past my close foot, that’s what I’m trying to travel backmost disconnected of,” Robinson said aft the game. “So erstwhile it happened, I was like, ‘Oh snap.’ I didn’t cognize what I did. I’m conscionable trying to get back.”

The wounded happened aboriginal successful the 3rd quarter, erstwhile Robinson got tangled up with Jalen Suggs arsenic helium went for a antiaircraft rebound. He remained down connected the tribunal arsenic trainers and manager Tom Thibodeau tended to him and past helium walked disconnected gingerly with assistance connected either broadside of him.

Robinson concisely went to the seat earlier heading backmost to the locker room, but helium was speedy to instrumentality arsenic the Knicks breathed a suspiration of relief.

“I conscionable tweaked it a small bit,” Robinson said. “It wasn’t to the constituent wherever I truly needed to spell to [the locker room] due to the fact that I didn’t consciousness similar thing large happened.”

Mitchell RobinsonMitchell RobinsonCharles Wenzelberg/New York Post

The fourth-year halfway broke his close ft past March erstwhile helium landed awkwardly aft jumping to support a pass, which came little than 2 months aft helium broke his hand.

But Robinson steered wide of a large wounded Sunday and came backmost to tally 10 points, 10 rebounds, 3 blocks and 2 steals successful 33 minutes. He fouled retired of the crippled with 23.1 seconds left.

Most of Robinson’s violative accumulation came during the Knicks’ 15-0 tally successful the 2nd quarter, successful which helium threw down 3 dunks.

After playing lone the preseason finale owed to his rehab connected the surgically repaired close foot, Robinson said his conditioning is getting amended with each game.

“The archetypal game, I was gassed,” helium said. “The 2nd 1 I had a small much energy. The 3rd 1 I felt adjacent better. So I’m catching up quickly. I conscionable gotta support going.”