Infamous Jan. 6 Crutches Were Stolen from Injured 18-Year-Old at Capitol

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The now-infamous crutches that appeared aggregate times astatine the rima of the passageway entranceway to the U.S. Capitol connected Jan. 6, 2021, were stolen from a young antheral with a breached ankle, according to podcaster Steve Baker.

Baker, who blogs and podcasts arsenic the Pragmatic Constitutionalist, learned the communicative of the stolen crutches portion connected a speaking circuit successful Texas.

“At 1 peculiar meet-up, and successful casual treatment aft 1 of those meetings,” Baker told The Epoch Times, “a young woman mentioned to maine that it was her ain brother’s crutches that had go a cardinal diagnostic astatine the Capitol’s westbound broadside passageway skirmish.”

The crutches were astatine assorted times connected Jan. 6 utilized arsenic a limb and a shield. They were memorialized astir vividly successful photos of protester Luke Coffee holding up 1 crutch implicit his caput arsenic helium stood betwixt constabulary and the raucous crowd.

Prosecutors allege Coffee utilized the crutch to onslaught officers, but helium says his lone volition was to be a buffer betwixt the groups aft protesters became trapped successful a heap aft a stampede retired of the tunnel.

Epoch Times Photo A rioter uses 2 stolen crutches to battle constabulary wrong the Lower West Terrace passageway connected January 6, 2021. (Special to The Epoch Times)

The crutches belonged to an 18-year-old Texas antheral who came to Washington D.C. to perceive then-President Donald J. Trump talk astatine the “Stop the Steal” rally astatine the Ellipse. He and a buddy drove from Texas and got to D.C. successful clip to perceive Trump speak, Baker said.

“Early connected the greeting of the 6th, they managed to find thoroughfare parking astir a mile distant from the Ellipse, and unneurotic made the hard hike to the rally site,” helium said. “Difficult for the kid walking connected a brace of crutches.”

The young antheral with the breached ankle is simply a large Trump instrumentality from a blimpish Christian family. His person had small involvement successful politics, but “jumped astatine the chance” for an adventurous aboriginal January roadworthy trip, Baker said.

The travel from the Ellipse to the Capitol took the duo a agelong time. When they arrived astatine the borderline of the Capitol grounds, determination had already been unit extracurricular the Lower West Terrace tunnel, and Air Force seasoned Ashli Babbitt had been changeable and mortally wounded by U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd successful the hallway extracurricular the Speaker’s Lobby.

When the men arrived, a passageway skirmish was underway amidst thousands of protesters extracurricular the passageway entryway.

They pressed up until they were connected the borderline of the trouble. A protester abruptly swiped the crutches from the man. That was the past clip helium had power of them.

Theft of the crutches took spot astir instantly aft the men arrived astatine the passageway entrance, Baker said. He verified the stories by reviewing CCTV information video from wrong the tunnel.

“In my consequent reappraisal of videos, I was capable to place some from their descriptions astatine assorted times during the astir 2 hours they were successful that area,” Baker said. “Interestingly, successful the disposable videos I pored over, astatine nary clip was either of their faces intelligibly revealed. I was capable to prime them retired of the assemblage successful the circumstantial locations and times they shared.”

Epoch Times Photo A protester hands disconnected 2 stolen crutches extracurricular the Lower West Terrace passageway astatine the U.S. Capitol connected Jan. 6, 2021. (Special to The Epoch Times)

The archetypal mates of times, the crutches were utilized similar a javelin, thrown astatine the constabulary enactment astatine the rima of the tunnel. On different occasions, a rioter utilized some crutches to smash astatine officers connected the beforehand line.

“A protester tin beryllium seen leaning implicit the handrail, picking up 1 of the crutches,” Baker said of the information video. “He instantly utilized it arsenic a spear, tossing it toward the passageway entrance. His purpose was disconnected and it deed different protester lasting connected the close broadside of the passageway entrance. That knocked disconnected the man’s ballcap.

“He past leaned implicit the obstruction again, retrieved the 2nd crutch, and tried again. This clip his purpose was better, and the crutch sailed implicit the enactment of protesters and into the constabulary line, bouncing off, backmost into the crowd.”

At the clip that Coffee picked up a crutch and held it implicit his head, the 2nd crutch was wrong the passageway on the close wall, video footage shows. While Coffee held the crutch aloft, bystanders crept up and pulled an unconscious Rosanne Boyland distant from the passageway entrance.

Boyland had conscionable been beaten successful the ribs and head by Metropolitan Police Department serviceman Lila Morris, according to bodycam video obtained by The Epoch Times. Boyland was pronounced dormant immoderate 90 minutes later. There is disagreement connected the clip and origin of Boyland’s death. She collapsed astatine the entranceway during a stampede retired of the tunnel.

As constabulary cleared the Lower West Terrace, the Texas men began the arduous trek backmost to their vehicle. It was dilatory going without the crutches, and they didn’t scope the car until astir 10 p.m.

After returning to Texas, the young men watched with interest arsenic dozens of Texans were rounded up by the FBI, immoderate for simply being connected the Capitol grounds astatine the incorrect time. Baker said they interest astir someway being tied to the unit astatine the passageway entrance.

Baker said his stumbling connected the communicative was a “fortuitous fluke.” He changed a fewer of the cardinal details successful bid to shield the men from being dragged into a transgression lawsuit for being witnesses to a portion of Jan. 6.

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