Helping refugees starving in Poland’s icy border forests is illegal – but it’s not the real crime | Anna Alboth

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One thought is simply a changeless successful my head: “I person kids astatine home, I cannot spell to jail, I cannot spell to jail.” The authorities are beyond my scope oregon that of the victims connected the Poland-Belarus border. It involves outgoing German chancellor, Angela Merkel, getting done to Alexander Lukashenko, president of Belarus. It’s ironic that this borderline has much than 50 media crews gathered, yet Poland is the lone spot successful the EU wherever journalists cannot freely report.

Meanwhile, the harsh northbound European wintertime is closing successful and my fingers are freezing successful the acheronian snowy nights.

The borderline concern shows the chasm betwixt what is ineligible and what is moral. It trumps the endeavours of those acting to prevention lives. All that we activists successful the forests connected the Poland-Belarus borderline tin bash is to bring water, nutrient and apparel to hopeless people. Yet to execute this basal humanitarian enactment requires stealth. We person to fell and sneak done the forests. Attracting the attraction of the borderline guards, constabulary oregon service would unit different pushback.

I’ve met divers groups among the trees: families, mothers with kids, fathers with disabled kids, aged radical and radical from the world’s astir susceptible groups – ethnic, spiritual and LGBTQ+. They sought freedom, but find themselves being pushed backed into Belarus five, 10 and adjacent 15 times since August until now, December.

On my nighttime walks, I’m equipped with a large backpack afloat of flasks of lukewarm soup, socks, boots, jackets, gloves, scarfs, hats, plasters, medicines and powerbanks. I locomotion successful the acheronian and fell down trees erstwhile I perceive helicopters oregon spot the agleam touches of the police. I perceive the splash of the crockery successful the containers connected my back, I perceive the shortness of my enactment – cipher taught maine to beryllium stealthy and invisible similar a nonrecreational soldier. I person worked successful quality rights for years, visited astir of the EU’s borders and exile camps, but I was ne'er acrophobic of crackling sticks underfoot oregon rustling the trees supra my caput arsenic I move.

From idiosyncratic stories and grounds collected by Minority Rights Group International with colleagues astatine Grupa Granica, an confederation of 14 Polish civilian nine organisations responding to the crisis, we cognize astatine slightest 5,000 radical person been successful the forests and that astatine slightest 1,000 are determination currently. We’ve been successful interaction with all: hopeless victims of a disgusting powerfulness crippled betwixt states.

Every clip we respond to a telephone from idiosyncratic successful need, oregon their parent inactive successful Iraq oregon Afghanistan, oregon a relative successful Berlin, we enarthrosis our backpacks and go. Day and nighttime – agelong aft the satellite has mislaid interest. Sometimes, we look for radical for hours. Sometimes, due to the fact that of information issues, they alteration their determination galore times Sometimes aged grandmothers oregon the small kids with nary much vigor to locomotion are stranded successful Polish swamps. Now, since snowfall covers the forests and radical cannot telephone us, due to the fact that their phones person been destroyed by the Polish army, we usage thermal imagers.

We conscionable frightened eyes, exhausted faces, bodies destroyed by the cold, desperately abbreviated of immunity aft weeks successful the icy, bedewed forest. Freezing, thirsty, bare humans. I had nary thought what hunger meant. I’ve fixed a portion of cocoa to my kids erstwhile they kick earlier dinner. I’ve work poorness statistic and past books. I knew thing astir hunger.

People connected the Poland-Belarus borderline person not eaten for weeks. Every fewer days, aft a convulsive pushback implicit the barbed ligament fence, they whitethorn get an aged murphy from a Belarusian soldier, if they person money. They volition stock that with the kids. They person thing to portion for days. Or portion swamp oregon rainwater, which causes tummy cramps and a deadening headache, further weakening them.

We privation them attraction and luck astatine the extremity of our interaction. Leaving them with capable nutrient and h2o supplies for a fewer days is impossible: nary 1 has the spot to transportation that much. We cannot instrumentality radical with america oregon thrust them to a harmless place. That would beryllium a transgression act. But it is not a transgression to permission these radical to their dilatory death.

Where is the Red Cross, the UN’s International Organization for Migration and the UN exile agency? Those organisations that run adjacent successful warfare zones? That instrumentality nutrient and h2o to the astir unsafe criminals? Is Elina, 5, much unsafe oregon little worthy? She has epilepsy but nary medicine. I met her successful the wood with 9 different Kurds, each without boots. They survived wars and airstrikes backmost location but whitethorn frost to decease successful the Polish forest. During each pushback Polish and Belarusian officers instrumentality distant everything: money, apparel and footwear.

There was the radical of 9 women from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, astir apt trafficked. When I explained the concern to them, they conscionable cried and cried . Or the Yazidi sisters, who escaped genocide successful Sinjar, Iraq 7 years ago, but are inactive trying to find a harmless place. Or the boys from Yemen, speaking cleanable English. Or the 3 cheery men from Iran, hopeless not to beryllium sent backmost to Belarusian soldiers.

We enactment successful touch. If they negociate to fell their phones, we tin pass aft a pushback. They stock pictures and videos of Belarusian dogs. Show maine wound wounds if we conscionable connected the Polish side. They cry. They inquire for advice. They don’t privation to archer their families astir their plight, but they request idiosyncratic to speech to.

“The 5th pushback. At six, I’ll termination myself.”

“I mislaid my son, helium has asthma. [The] past clip helium called [was] 3 days ago. Do you cognize wherever helium is?”

“When bash you arrive? Do you person water? Even a drop?”

Subjected to a disinformation campaign, the refugees person conflicting reports from Belarusian services, which administer forms astir the settling successful Poland oregon Germany. This fosters hopes for a harmless journey. But the existent purpose is to campy them connected the Polish borderline to enactment unit connected the EU. Some disturbing reports suggest migrants are being forced to enactment successful unit arsenic portion of Belarusian attempts to provoke Polish officials.

With the hazard of an escalation of violence, we, the activists successful the forests, would similar to punctual the satellite that refugees are not aggressors. They are hostages to the Lukashenko regime, which is utilizing them for its agenda.

Poles nonstop maine messages: “Where should I nonstop lukewarm and acheronian clothes?” “How is the concern connected the border? Media shows america lone videos by [the] Polish ministry oregon Belarusian authorities.” “I outcry erstwhile I enactment my children to sleep. Please, constitute thing that tin help.”

Dunja Mijatović, the Council of Europe’s commissioner for quality rights, spent 4 days successful Poland and came to the tract with us. She said: “The top spot of the assistance question for refugees and refugees from the Poland-Belarus borderline are the inhabitants of the neighbouring towns – successful the portion of exigency and adjacent to it. It is their compassion and empathy that prolongs the beingness of radical successful the forest. Their courageousness and selflessness. Their bully saves lives.”

Of course, others spot it differently: radical helping connected the borderline are “enemies of the nation”, “agents of Lukashenko”, “guilty of destroying European values”, “inviting terrorists here”.

We are blameworthy of leaving h2o packs successful the woods for the thirsty. We are blameworthy of sharing soup. Of putting shoes connected acold feet that couldn’t determination immoderate more. If helping is illegal, bash we adjacent recognize what transgression is?

Anna Alboth is unpaid astatine Minority Rights Group

In the UK and Ireland, Samaritans tin beryllium contacted connected 116 123 oregon email [email protected] oregon [email protected]. In the US, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is astatine 800-273-8255 oregon chat for support. You tin besides substance HOME to 741741 to link with a situation substance enactment counselor. In Australia, the situation enactment work Lifeline is 13 11 14. Other planetary helplines tin beryllium recovered astatine

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