FBI Leaders, Including Comey, Were ‘Fired Up’ About Trump-Alfa Bank Claims: Agent

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WASHINGTON—FBI Director James Comey and different bureau leaders were “fired up” astir allegations that Donald Trump’s concern was secretly communicating with a Russian bank, according to interior FBI messages revealed successful tribunal connected May 23.

“People connected the 7th level to see manager are fired up astir this server,” Joseph Pientka, an cause based successful Washington, told Curtis Heide, a workfellow moving from the bureau’s Chicago office, successful a connection dated Sept. 21, 2016.

“Reachout [sic] and enactment tools on,” Heide added. “Its [sic] not an option—we indispensable bash it.”

Comey was the bureau’s manager astatine the clip the connection was sent, which was conscionable days aft Michael Sussmann, a lawyer representing the run of Hillary Clinton—Trump’s rival for the presidency—met with an FBI lawyer and handed accusation helium alleged showed a concealed backchannel betwixt the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank.

Even though FBI cyber experts deemed the allegations mendacious wrong a day—the CIA would aboriginal bash the same—the bureau’s counterintelligence limb kept probing them, a determination backed by elder bureau officials similar Comey.

James Baker, the lawyer who met with Sussmann, rapidly handed implicit the accusation to higher-ups. And helium personally briefed Comey and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, some of whom were aboriginal fired amid controversy.

“It seemed to maine of large urgency and seriousness that I would privation to marque my bosses alert of this information,” Baker said.

He recounted some men being “quite concerned” astir the allegations.

Pientka’s connection was made nationalist for the archetypal clip in federal tribunal during the proceedings of Sussmann, who has been charged with lying to the FBI for saying helium was not bringing the allegations connected behalf of a client. Prosecutors accidental helium was acting connected behalf of the Clinton campaign, successful a bid to power the 2016 statesmanlike election. Clinton run officials person testified that they did not o.k. the lawyer taking the allegations to the bureau; they preferred to person them promoted successful media reports.

Bill Priestap, who was connected the basal erstwhile the connection was read, said helium had not seen it before.

Priestap was the FBI’s adjunct counterintelligence manager successful 2016. He retired successful 2019 and founded Trenchcoat Providers, which bills itself arsenic helping safeguard businesses against cyber intrusions.

Epoch Times Photo Bill Priestap, adjunct manager of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, successful a record image. (Jennifer Zeng/The Epoch Times)

Priestap testified that helium “does not recall” wherefore determination was “no choice” but to unfastened an probe and was unsure whether the bureau did unfastened a probe. The lone crushed wherefore helium knows they did is due to the fact that determination was an authoritative record opened. The record said the probe was approved by 4 officials, including Daniel Wierzbicki, an authoritative astatine the FBI’s Chicago office.

Priestap was the archetypal idiosyncratic Baker spoke with aft gathering with Sussmann and receiving the Trump-Russia allegations. Priestap claimed to not retrieve taking notes of the conversation, but was presented with notes helium took portion connected the stand.

The notes amusement Priestap wrote that helium was told Sussmann was not representing immoderate clients successful bringing the accusation to the FBI, bolstering peculiar counsel John Durham’s case.

The information of the idiosyncratic bringing allegations is of interest, but not the lone origin the bureau analyzes successful trying to measure what steps to instrumentality with regards to information, Priestap said. The bureau would privation to cognize if a governmental run was down allegations, and if a confidential FBI root was down them.

Rodney Joffe, different Sussmann client, was a confidential root but, according to prosecutors, utilized Sussmann to convey the accusation to the FBI arsenic opposed to taking the accusation himself to his handler.

Joffe was terminated “for cause” successful 2021 arsenic a source, prosecutors revealed previously.

“It was not thing that I was regularly briefed on, and if I callback correctly, astatine extremity of the time it didn’t magnitude to much,” Priestap said regarding the allegations.

The probe of the allegations chiefly took spot astatine the FBI’s Chicago office. Ryan Gaynor, an FBI cause there, recounted Monday however helium volunteered to way the advancement of the probe for the bureau’s office successful Washington.

Gaynor learned that Sussmann was representing Democrats but chose to withhold that information from agents performing the investigation of the data. However, helium besides said that knowing Sussmann brought the information connected behalf of a confidential FBI root would person apt led him not to volunteer.

Allison Sands, 1 of agents who performed the analysis, determined the data, contained connected thumb drives that Sussmann dropped disconnected with Baker on with respective achromatic papers, did not enactment the allegations.

Sands said she was prevented from knowing the root of the information owed to Gaynor’s determination to support it shielded. She would person wanted to talk to the source’s handlers if she knew. The squad did fig retired that David Dagon, a researcher with the Georgia Institute of Technology, authored 1 of the papers, but the squad did not interrogation Dagon.

Sands said she was “either told not to, oregon to absorption connected the logs” successful the thumb drives.

She said she lone knew that the probe was ordered by officials from “someplace successful office land.”

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