Covid news live: Germany death toll passes 100,000; vaccines giving people ‘false sense of security’, WHO says

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Germany, who weathered earlier bouts of the pandemic amended than galore of its neighbours, has present recovered itself backmost astatine the centre of Europe’s microorganism outbreak arsenic the latest question of the pandemic infects radical astatine a grounds pace.

Officials recorded 100,119 Covid deaths arsenic of Wednesday, according to the latest information from the RKI nationalist wellness institute.

The World Health Organization has besides issued a informing successful the lead-up to Christmas, saying societal mixing was backmost astatine pre-pandemic levels.

“We are acrophobic astir a mendacious consciousness of information that vaccines person ended the pandemic, and that radical who are vaccinated bash not request to instrumentality immoderate different precautions,” WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.

“We are backmost to pre-pandemic levels of societal mixing (in Europe)... adjacent successful the midst of precise beardown resurgence successful cases and adjacent successful the midst of immoderate of those countries nether precocious unit successful wellness systems,” WHO exigency manager Mike Ryan added.

  • Novavax is expected to beryllium approved arsenic a 4th Covid vaccine in UK. Trials amusement the protein-based jab causes less side-effects. The British authorities has truthful acold ordered 60m doses.
  • Covid cases surge 23% successful Americas, mostly successful North America, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) said.
  • US aerial question is acceptable to beryllium busiest since pandemic began owed to Thanksgiving.
  • Germany’s adjacent chancellor seeks targeted vaccine mandate. German Social Democrat Olaf Scholz called connected Wednesday for vaccinations to beryllium made compulsory for targeted groups.
  • Scientists accidental a new Covid variant that carries an “extremely precocious number” of mutations whitethorn thrust further waves of illness by evading the body’s defences.
  • Italy unveiled caller Covid measures banning the unvaccinated from galore venues, extending compulsory vaccination and expanding booster shots to each adults.
  • Portugal’s wellness caput pledged to springiness Covid booster shots to a quarter of the population by the extremity of January to tackle the “pandemic tempest that has not yet passed”.
  • The World Health Organization director-general has declared that Europe is erstwhile again at the epicentre of the pandemic and warned that “no state oregon portion is retired of the woods”.
  • Countries should see implementing mandatory Covid vaccination, the manager of World Health Organization (WHO) Europe said today.
  • France is to denote new Covid measures arsenic infections surge crossed the country.

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