Costco Pulls Thousands of Items From Shelves Due to Dangerous Defect

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About 400,000 patio umbrellas sold astatine retailer Costco were recalled owed to a malfunction that tin origin the items to drawback connected fire, according to a national agency.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced it is recalling SunVilla “Solar LED Market Umbrellas” aft six reported incidents wherever the products malfunctioned. One of the incidents sent a idiosyncratic to the infirmary owed to fume inhalation.

The umbrellas were manufactured successful China, the CPSC says. They were imported into the United States via SunVilla Corporation, a steadfast based successful California.

“The lithium-ion batteries successful the umbrella’s star panels tin overheat, posing occurrence and pain hazards,” the bureau says successful the notice.

Epoch Times Photo The recalled 10-foot Solar LED Market Umbrella with a circular backmost star puck astatine the apical of the umbrella (US CPSC)

It adds that SunVilla “received six reports of the lithium-ion batteries overheating,” noting that it “includes 3 reports of star panels catching occurrence portion charging via the AC adapter indoors and 2 reports of umbrellas catching occurrence erstwhile the star sheet puck overheated and caught occurrence portion attached to the umbrella and 1 fume inhalation injury.”

The CPSC recommends that consumers halt utilizing the products instantly and should region the star panel puck that contains the lithium-ion artillery from the apical of the umbrella. The puck should past beryllium stored distant from the prima and distant from worldly that tin drawback connected fire. Consumers besides shouldn’t complaint it with the AC adapter.

The umbrellas were lone sold astatine Costco stores crossed the U.S. and Canada, the bureau says. There were sold betwixt December 2020 done May 2022 for $130 to $160.

More than 400,000 were sold successful the U.S., and 33,000 were sold successful Canada, according to the notice.

“Consumers tin instrumentality the umbrellas and star puck to immoderate Costco Warehouse nationwide for a afloat refund. Consumers incapable to instrumentality the merchandise to Costco tin interaction the steadfast for instructions connected however to person a refund.  SunVilla and Costco are contacting each known purchasers,” the announcement adds.

Consumers tin telephone SunVilla toll-free astatine 866-600-3133 betwixt 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT Monday done Friday. They tin besides interaction the institution via [email protected], oregon connected its website astatine

Earlier this month, Ford Motor Co. announced it is recalling 50,000 electrical vehicles owed to a litany of issues connected to its lithium-ion battery. It told dealers, meanwhile, to halt selling Mustang Mach-Es produced betwixt May 27, 2020, and May 24, 2022.

“In the affected vehicles, it is imaginable that the precocious voltage artillery main contactors whitethorn overheat, which tin effect successful an unfastened contactor oregon welding condition. Should the contactors weld closed portion driving, a powertrain malfunction informing airy volition beryllium illuminated connected the adjacent thrust cycle, on with a nary commencement condition,” the institution said successful a letter.

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