CCP’s Disinformation Operation Interfered in Canada’s 2021 Federal Election: Report

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Chinese state-run media and pro-Beijing actors person been publishing disinformation narratives connected assorted platforms successful what was apt a “coordinated power operation” targeting Chinese-Canadian voters successful the 2021 Canadian national election, says an enactment specializing successful exposing disinformation.

DisinfoWatch, a Canadian level that monitors and exposes overseas disinformation activities successful the country, reported successful September that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated entities person targeted Chinese-Canadian voters and national candidates from the Conservative Party during the 2021 national election.

“After analysing disposable open-source information and consulting with cardinal stakeholders, we judge that the timing and contented of narratives bespeak the likelihood of a coordinated power cognition targeting Chinese-Canadian voters,” the radical said successful a caller quality release, co-authored by Marcus Kolga, elder chap astatine the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, and Ai-Men Lau, communications serviceman astatine the Canadian deliberation tank.

“The nonsubjective of this mendacious communicative was to incite fearfulness and choler towards the campaigner and the Conservative Party successful targeted communities. The eventual interaction of these and different power operations targeting the Conservatives is hard to measure, though elector power and conversion remains the apt goal.”

Those pro-Beijing actors dispersed disinformation narratives connected assorted media platforms, including CCP mouthpiece Global Times, the WeChat app, and section Chinese-Canadian websites, the authors said.

One illustration the authors gave was a Global Times article published connected Sept. 9, 2021, that condemned the Conservative Party’s platform, peculiarly the overseas policies related to the CCP. The nonfiction besides threatened Canadians of retaliation from China should they elite a Conservative government.

The authors noted that contempt the outlet’s tiny assemblage successful Canada, the nonfiction allows the Chinese authorities to “set the code for home Canadian platforms and actors” who would “actively enactment far-left and far-right illiberalism and authoritarians” and dispersed CCP propaganda and disinformation domestically.

DisinfoWatch noted that the information of the Chinese regime’s disinformation run was apt a mode for it to deflect disapproval of its authoritarian regularisation and support its interests.

“When faced with disapproval from governments, media, oregon activists abroad, the Chinese authorities often deploys tactical counter-narratives that purpose to discredit and undermine them,” the authors said.

The Conservative Party’s predetermination level was filled with argumentation proposals to clasp the Chinese authorities and CCP officials accountable for quality rights violations. It besides included proposals to diversify commercialized distant from China, prohibition Huawei from Canada’s next-generation telecom infrastructure, and region Chinese authorities media from Canada’s cablegram networks.

‘Pink Attack Mode’

Following the Global Times article, a station that included disinformation regarding Conservative campaigner Kenny Chiu emerged connected the Chinese state-controlled chat app WeChat and its Chinese version, Weixin.

“While authorities media were utilized to straight onslaught the Conservative Party enactment and platform, surely connected the orders of authorities leadership, narratives that targeted circumstantial candidates look to person been little organized and more-bottom up,” Kolga and Lau said.

The station blasted Chiu for introducing a backstage subordinate bill, Bill C-282, aimed astatine establishing a “foreign power registry,” which obligates individuals oregon organizations acting connected behalf of a overseas authorities to registry themselves with the Canadian national government.

While the measure was not directed astatine immoderate circumstantial state oregon taste community, the station alleged that Chiu was attempting to “suppress the Chinese community,” and that the overseas registry would restrict Chinese-Canadian economic, cultural, and technological exchanges. It further accused that the measure whitethorn repress Chinese diasporas’ state of speech.

In a erstwhile interview with The Epoch Times, Chiu said helium had shared the acquisition of being targeted for misinformation with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, but helium said the bureau wouldn’t corroborate oregon contradict whether it’s pursuing an probe connected the matter.

The WeChat station targeting Chiu is an illustration of a communal CCP disinformation onslaught mode, dubbed arsenic the “Pink Attack Mode” by Doublethink Lab, a starring disinformation investigation NGO successful Taiwan. This mode involves section pro-Beijing “netizens” successful China and Canada who assistance dispersed CCP propaganda and disinformation online.

The authors noted that an estimated 1 cardinal Canadians usage the WeChat app, which means that contented shared connected the level “has the imaginable to scope a ample audience.” Combining Facebook, backstage messaging, and a outgo system, WeChat is the 3rd astir fashionable societal media level successful the world, with astir 1.25 cardinal users.

Timing and Impact

Examining the timing of the merchandise of the Global Times’ Sept. 9 article, Kolga and Lau said it was apt published successful effect to the Conservative Party’s surge successful the polls astir the time.

When Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau called the national predetermination connected Aug. 15, the Liberal Party polled astatine astir 35 percent and was projected to triumph astatine slightest a beardown minority. By the extremity of August, enactment for the Liberal Party dropped to astir 32 percent, portion that of the Conservative Party roseate to the aforesaid level successful nationalist popularity.

The disinformation communicative circulated connected WeChat targeting Conservative campaigner Kenny Chiu besides corresponds to this timeline, the authors said.

While it is hard to measurement the existent interaction of CCP disinformation connected the 2021 Canadian national election, the authors pointed to the polling information collected by, which was incorrect by a astir 10 percent borderline successful their projection of Chiu winning successful the Steveston-Richmond East riding.

“It should beryllium noted that portion these polling results suggest a melodramatic swing, it does not regularisation retired that polling whitethorn simply beryllium inaccurate,” the authors said. “However, the spread betwixt polling and predetermination results is antithetic owed to however rapidly the plaything betwixt a Conservative to Liberal campaigner occurred.”

Kolga and Lau said the Canadian authorities should analyse third-language media successful the state to recognize however these platforms were utilized to dispersed disinformation and misinformation.

“The Chinese authorities has repeatedly demonstrated its readiness to beforehand its involvement successful Canada by straight manipulating Canadian governmental statement and argumentation done the usage of disinformation, threats, intimidation, and power operations directed astatine Canadian diaspora groups,” Kolga and Lau said.

“Such interference threatens to undermine the integrity of Canadian ideology and erode nationalist spot successful our antiauthoritarian processes and institutions,” they said.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is an Epoch Times newsman based successful Toronto.