Australia election 2022 live: Anthony Albanese promises to ‘bring Australians together’ as Liberals mull inner-city rout

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If you’re already connected the move, plug successful your headphones. Katharine Murphy and Lenore Taylor (already!) person a podcast out. They’re talking to Jane Lee about, well, everything – including that outlandishly ample crossbench:

Sarah Martin pulled unneurotic the threads from yesterday (and into this morning’s wee hours), including premier minister-elect Anthony Albanese’s triumph speech. He said:

Tonight the Australian radical person voted for change. I americium humbled by this triumph and I’m honoured to beryllium fixed the accidental to service arsenic the 31st premier curate of Australia.

Read her afloat portion here:

And earlier we wade close into the weeds, Katharine Murphy (somehow, aft a precise agelong day) wrote this sharp, incisive portion connected however the Liberal enactment got here, and wherever it mightiness spell next:

We’re going to travel astatine you hard and accelerated this morning. It’s going to beryllium wild. But if you’re inactive caffeinating and getting your time nether way, here’s a bully modulation piece. Please bask pics of the pooches astatine polling places:

Good morning

Welcome to the greeting aft the nighttime before!

Australia has a caller premier minister, the Greens’ and the teals’ stars are rising, and Scott Morrison volition manus implicit to a caller Liberal leader. The governmental scenery has had (and atrocious for the overused word, here) a seismic shift.

In his acceptance speech, Anthony Albanese pledged to instrumentality the Uluru Statement from the Heart, to extremity the clime wars, and to oversee a kinder and much caring government. He said:

I privation to question our communal intent and beforehand unity and not fear. Optimism, not fearfulness and division.

And we’ll perceive much astir however the women roared successful this election.

A daze nonaccomplishment (to beryllium specific, an expected but astir definite loss) was Josh Frydenberg, whose spot of Kooyong is acceptable to autumn to autarkic Monique Ryan, leaving Peter Dutton (who himself got a scare successful the aboriginal counting) arsenic the beforehand Liberal person contender.

Moderate Tim Wilson mislaid Goldstein to autarkic Zoe Daniel, and different moderates including Dave Sharma, Trent Zimmerman and Jason Falinski besides looked acceptable to lose.

A Labor bulk is not yet confirmed, but Albanese said his squad would get consecutive to enactment – the archetypal happening connected his docket is going to Japan for the Quad gathering unneurotic with overseas affairs curate Penny Wong.

In the wee hours of this morning, some large parties sat connected superior votes successful the debased 30s, and some had swings against them. The Greens had a 2.3% lift, and were hopeful of picking up 2 much little location seats connected apical of those already declared.

A swag of seats are inactive excessively adjacent to call.

The counting continues today, and Katharine Murphy, Sarah Martin, Daniel Hurst, Josh Butler, Paul Karp, and the remainder of the Guardian Australia squad volition marque definite you’re kept successful the loop.